Saturday, February 27

Cloud Computing And Small Businesses

Recent theories on the huge benefits which small businesses could gain by using Houston cloud computing have found that cost, efficiency and streamlining head up the many advantages:


One of the usual reasons businesses cite for not replacing existing IT systems is the cost involved. Even those businesses who haven’t been affected by the economic crisis can find themselves needing to watch costs closely. Therefore, introducing a potentially expensive new system is often a development which needs to wait. However, with no introductory costs, cloud computing is one system which all businesses can immediately add to their existing way of working.


Of course, businesses want to be cost effective but they also want to be seen by their customers as being efficient in the way they work. Cloud computing allows all employees to work wherever they are which means never being too far away from important information, sales figures or other important documents. For both visiting clients and those being visited this level of efficiency shows that the company in question is a force to be reckoned with.

What this also means is that anyone from the business can work from home, whilst commuting and whilst away from the office on business trips. In the past, finding a workstation in an airport might have been problematic but cloud computing means that it’s no longer necessary as the worker on the go can simply open a laptop and be back in the office, so to speak.

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