Monday, March 8

Which Countries Rely On Machine Tools The Most?

Manufacturing is big business and as the demand for imported goods from across the globe shows no sign of waning, companies are having to get savvier to keep ahead of their competitors.

Unsurprisingly, one of the wealthiest countries with a large thriving manufacturing industry is the United States of America, and as a nation they are able to source most of their manufactured goods within their own borders. America boasts a vast supply of natural raw resources including petroleum products and a well-established manufacturing industry that churns out millions of dollars’ worth of automobiles, food, beverages and consumer goods to Canada, Mexico, Asia and Europe. Of course, this level of export requires a huge investment in machinery to keep up with consumer demand as businesses seek to provide competitively priced products faster than anyone else. As a result, bespoke and off the shelf machine tools are absolutely essential to ensure that America maintains its number one position in the global economy.

Second in line regarding machinery dependent manufacturing is China. As the second largest economy this country has huge exports of electrical goods including computer equipment, machinery and medical equipment as well as materials such as steel, iron and textiles. Labour intensive processes involved in sourcing and handling of difficult to work with materials such as steel benefit hugely from the implementation and development of heavy machinery. China relies heavily on bespoke machines which improve both the ease and speed of handling cumbersome or dangerous materials thereby reducing the risk to their huge workforces.

The third busiest manufacturing country are China’s close neighbours, Japan, who have the largest electronic goods industry in the world. This industrial and technologically advanced country is unmatched in terms of automotive and power generating machinery manufacturing and has a vast list of export partners including America, United Arab Emirates and Australia to name but a few.

Germany comes in as the fourth country with the biggest exports which is surprising considering the lack of natural materials within its borders. This does not deter the industrious Germans however, and with a huge range of export goods including cars, machinery, computer and electronics and pharmaceuticals Germany boasts the largest economy in Europe and is the second largest exporter to boot. Automotive production lines alone require huge amounts of machinery and technology to create the superb sleek vehicles that we see on the roads today, so Germany’s economic dependence on advanced machinery is without question.

The fifth and final country in our machine tool reliant list is France, which has the fifth largest economy in the world. The main manufacturing industries within this European country are agricultural, machinery development, transportation, aircraft, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, iron, steel, beverages and electronics. France export to countries right across the globe from Italy to the United States, and so their manufacturing processes play a vital part in the European economy and beyond.

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