Saturday, January 16

Why Are Strut Cards So Fantastic?

Strut cards today have become a rage now because they are perfect for marketing. Ranging from various sizes, a strut card is perfect for any place you need to market like countertops, bars, shelving as well as reception areas. Well, they are portable, durable and what makes them even more special is that they are always visible at the point of sale. As opposed to other marketing techniques such as scratch cards printing, a strut card is highly effective — it is an economic marketing tool that is like a gift that keeps on giving. They are good for drawing the consumer’s line of sight to discounts, offers as well as products and are capable of reaching a larger audience base over prolonged time even as compared to just digital marketing.

A strut card actually serves a much different utility perspective than leaflets, which tend to give a lot of information. Your strut card’s sole purpose is to draw the customer’s attention to the product you are offering in a stylish manner. As opposed to Foamex board printing, a strut card is actually much more portable and attention-grabbing. The fact is that you need to get really creative with your design and make sure that your message is simple and easy to read. All you need to do is hold the interest of a potential buyer and intrigue him with an attractive design and clever content. You can also use a great image or some graphics to make sure the message that you are trying to convey pops out.

A Strut card, as opposed to a Z card, is used as a promotional method for a particular product, service, discount or an offer so it is best that you do not create a muddle of too much information. Just decide on the message that you are trying to deliver and it is best that you say it quickly and obviously.

If you are able to hold your audience’s attention with a caption it really influences people to buy something from you and ask for more information. A strut card hence can help you entice your customers — to buy the product you are selling or do even redirect them to your website or any other social media page. You can even add more contact information alternatively — what you really need to do is make sure that the invitation to take any action is clearly displayed.

One of the main reasons why strut cards are so handy is because they help in generating actionable insights and leads for your business, or in cases where you are thinking about starting a new line. What you can do is think of a really interesting caption that is sure to pique the interest of your customers and speak their curiosity. You will find out that many people are more than likely to scan the QR code on visit your website to find out what all the marketing is really about. Even though they might not run by your products straight away, but they will definitely mentally note your promotion that would help them become your loyal base of clients. One more thing that sets strut cards apart is that it does keep on working for you even when it is no longer on display and that is where the actual real value for money advertising lies.

At Better Printing, we can make a strut card for you in various sizes in portrait as well as landscape. Printed with best in class printing techniques available, we can also have your card made in matt style or get it laminated to make it even stronger and much more durable. Unlike niche card printing like a Z card or scratch card printing, strut cards can be ideally used anywhere. So if you’re in the market looking for a strut card that can help you market your products and service in the best attention-grabbing manner that you need to come to us and let us help you with that. A strut card can really offer you value for money advertising, the kind that helps you increase not only your brand value but also help you build a loyal customer base. So invest in a strut card and watch your brand grow.

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