Friday, January 15

What Are The Advantages Of Glassware?

One of the only common things across festivals and celebrations of different ethnicities, cultures and religions is the fact that they all love to make sure that when friends and family are gathered round they serve food in the most beautiful way possible in the best-looking spreads and that of course, involves beautiful dinnerware. Now when you think of affordable, dinnerware which is reliable and comes with a premium look and feel, the first name that comes to one’s mind is Corelle. From the very onset, the brand has cultivated the image of being sturdy and reliable even when its dinnerware looks classy and delicate — considered to be true competition to fine china when considering the budgetary limitations and feasibility in investing in one — no matter how tempting.

Microwave safe, dishwasher friendly and of course good-looking — one might essentially wonder what is it that makes glassware like Corelle so popular and sturdy addition to kitchens. When CorningWare came out with Corelle in the 70s they came with the promise of a 2-year cap on replacing any Corelle dishes that were chipped, cracked or broken — now that set a precedent that even though it looks like clear glass Corelle has a lot to offer in terms of durability. Now, thihe science lane to understand how does Vitrelle lend the glassware its uncanny strength and longevity. Vitrelle is basically a glass laminate that is made by bonding 3 leaders of glass together thermally — now how does that even work and where does it fit in, in the entire scheme of things? Well, the two kinds of glass that areused in this thermal bonding have different coefficients when it comes to their thermal expansion. What this essentially means is that the two layers which form the outer layer of Vitrelle are compressing or pushing in the material in nature — whereas as the layer that is in the middle — you can think of it as a glass sandwich, in which the layer that is pulling it in. These opposing movements form a tension which is quite delicate in nature and keeps the layers of glass bound together in a delicate balance. 

This is the reason why — when other glassware or a plain glass of similar thickness might end up shattering — Corelle dishes just bounce back from the same amount of force applied. Made possible through a glass laminate that is quite resistant to any kind of trauma caused by blunt force — Corelle dishes really end up lasting you a long while.

One of the most persisting memories of people from our parent’s generation would be of CorningWare with it signature floral design — the material for it was quite different from what Corelle offers in its dining ware and let us just say that post discontinuing the CorningWare series they came up with something sturdier and longer-lasting. One of the biggest takeaways from owning glassware in comparison to fine chine is How Corelle is chipping resistant — for people who get upset by things as small as dented spice boxes chipped china can seem like going through the inferno. This I can say from personal experience really. Having dinnerware that is chipping resistant and dishwasher friendly makes a whole lot of difference and takes a load of responsibility off your head when it comes to constantly have to wash dishes.

From day to day tasks, to having to think about the piling mountain of dishes when you are done hosting a party — Corelle makes it so much easier even better than traditional glassware in fact.

Of course, when you put all of this into perspective the benefits of owing Corelle as your choice of dinnerware begins to outweigh all the other options that are available in the market today. A testament to Corelle’s sturdiness and longevity is the virtual dominance that they have maintained in the market. So if you are still thinking about why you would want to choose glassware — do not think twice or hesitate, the benefits of glassware are aplenty and investing in Corelle for dinnerware is a smart move!

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