Friday, January 15

Usage And Advantages Of A 5mm Foamex Board

When looking for a signage board, Foamex is one of the most common and natural materials that will come to your mind. Foamex printing has time and again proven to be one of the best-known signage methods and material. With superior quality and versatility PVC foam sheets or Foamex, is really fabrication friendly. If we are being honest with you, it is one of the easiest material in the market that you can bend it easily or even drill, cut, glue and of course as Foamex printing company always says, print on it. Available in various sizes ranging from 1mm to 20 mm, we have to say that in our experience the middle range of 5 mm Foamex actually does quite well when it comes to designing signage and then, of course, Foamex printing.

Elaborating upon it a bit further, a 5mm Foamex Board can be primarily used for making banners, signage or even exhibition display panels. As a matter of fact, it’s fine cellular structure makes it all one of the most preferred choices for digital printers and 5mm Foamex is, in fact, one of the most common and popular choices out there (along with 3mm Foamex of course)

However, focusing on the size at hand, the truth is that you can actually achieve high-quality, aesthetically appealing display products which actually look much more expensive than they are. Hence, being those really cost-effective options a 5mm Foamex Board is really worth every penny that you will end up spending on it.

So if you’re wondering about why should you really opt for a 5mm Foamex we have a few answers for you at hand. Firstly, and most importantly, a 5mm Foamex Board gives you the freedom to achieve a unique shape for your brand. Since 5mm Foamex is really easy for cutting to size, its versatility enables it to be fixed to position and also make it incredibly easy to use. Since your needs as a brand keep on changing with the change in market trends, the Foamex Printing Company understands your need for cost-effective signage, without having to conform to a specific shape or size. Hence our recommendation for Foamex printing stands really solid. Apart from this in case you are looking for something unique that can really make you brand pop out, a 5 mm Foam sheet is extremely easy to cut into bespoke shapes.

Apart from the bespoke shape, 5mm Foamex also provides more rigidity to the signage, which makes it more durable and stronger for outdoor usage. 

Now taking into consideration the price-point, we, at the Foamex Printing company know that every enterprise, be it large or small, allocates a certain budget for their marketing needs, which of course mans tat your signage and display panels, need to fit into the allocated budget and still provide you with some value for your money invested. Foamex printing hence comes as a fantastic cost-effective solution that actually ends up lasting you a really long time inter of actual durability (with indoor signage, of course, lasting much longer than outdoor signage). Now if you compare a 5mm Foamex to another kind of specialist materials like plywood, MDF etc. you will also find out that it is a much cheaper material than all the others which means that your budget doesn’t really stretch out to be too thin.

Since the Foamex Printing Company has actually printed Foamex for a large number of customers and clients, we seem to know best that one of the best sizes to be used is 5mm Foamex when it comes to using signage. A lot of our customers have also used them for trade shows and actually found Foamex printing to be a really effective way of creating a backdrop or signage which made their booth really stand out. Apart from such instances where Foamex printing is all the rage, clients have also used them for their seasonal campaigns and promotions. You should know that smaller stands that are made out of 5mm Foamex are also an amazing point of at sale stands and also when around the tills. Since a 5mm Foamex is extremely lightweight a Foamex Board can be used for hanging above the till area as well.

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