Saturday, February 27

What Are The Best Home Automation Businesses?

Home automation is growing in popularity as people realize how much it can benefit their lives. It is transforming the way we live for the better in ways we thought would never be possible, even from 10 years ago. The technology plays a key role in security, as well as saving time and money.

Home automation experts have found that the global smart home market is expected to grow by approximately $40 Million in the next 2 years alone. This increase in demand means the top home automation providers are raising their game and innovating to try and offer products that the competition cannot match. Let’s take a look at the main companies…


Creston is arguably the most recognizable smart home brand in existence at the moment. They continue to grow each year and have been in business for four decades. Creston not only offers home automation equipment, but they have managed to integrate their technology into the entertainment space, and they also offer products for lighting, security and temperature control.

My favourite is their Crestron Lighting Control system which allows you to control when lights are switched on and off in a room, even though you may be away from your home. This is a very cool feature and is a great way to save money.


We would recommend Control4 for smaller properties such as apartments, as their system doesn’t offer as much flexibility as Crestron. Don’t let this put you off. We feel that you will not be disappointed if you decide to install a Control4 system in your home. The Control 4 system is more cost effective for those on a budget.


The third company to take a look at is Lutron. They offer a unique lighting system and they specialize in the development of lighting systems for smart homes. Lutron allows you to control the level of light you’d like in a room by making use of your smart device. The system can be set to automatic control, which will then manage when the lights should be turned on and off.

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