Monday, March 1

Need Of Business Registration To Save From Fraudulent Entities

Gone are the days when business houses used to run their entities without registering their names with the concerned departments. State authorities make it mandatory to register the company names in the interest of the companies themselves and the public at large. No individual company can use other company’s name that is registered with the registrar of companies. This is the major benefit of company name registration. So it is important to register a business before going ahead with its running. It is the wise attorneys that help in filing articles of incorporation and receiving the approval. Drawing up the company’s bylaws and executions of other documents are the initial stages. Registering the company name helps in saving it from being used by other fraudulent entities.

It is recommended to ensure that no other company is using the name that you intend to give to your new concern. Be wise to check the same with the state business database and the database maintained by the federal trademark entity. So go through both of them and avoid duplication of your business name.

Necessary steps – Those interested to register the business name have to register the same with the state and the locality. Approach your state business division for registration the company name with it. It is not the trademarking your business name. Registering the name of your entity with the state is necessary as it is useful in saving your specific name from being used by others. Those forming LLC, corporation or partnership, this is the necessary part of the process and you do not need to go for separate registration of your company name. Those intending to run sole proprietorship concerns do not need to undergo this registration process with the state. It is suggested to check the state’s website with the secretary of the state for additional details for completing the registration process of the company name. Individuals intending to go for registration of Limited Liability Company, partnership or corporation also do not require this process as the business name registration is included in the process of setting up the same. As such no separate business name registration is needed.

As explained above, registering the company name with the city or county wherein you wish to operate is necessary in addition to registration with the state. Known as ‘doing business as’ or business license; the aim of this process is letting the people know about the owners or the managers of the company.

Companies having names different from the ones being used for advertising and public purposes (business trade name) require filing ‘fictitious name’ statement, i.e. ‘d/b/a’ or ‘doing business as’ statements. It is usually filed in the specific county where the company is operating the business activities. This process is one of the initial things by the companies that use trade names that are different from the company name since registered by it.

Those on the move to do business and touch the heights must register a business name so great that no one else uses it by fraud or through other unfair trade practices.

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