Monday, March 8

How To Store Valuables Securely

As a self-storage operator in Aylesbury, we deal with a variety of clientele from London and the surrounding areas. Whether for business or personal use, we always deal with similar questions from those using self-storage for the first time – how do you store valuables securely?

It’s not that difficult to do and taking the time to properly prepare and store your valuable equipment is always worthwhile as it ensures they are safe and secure from any damage. After all, the entire purpose of self-store is to have somewhere safe to securely store anything of value, so it makes sense to prepare everything accordingly!

Organise First

One of the best ways to ensure valuables are securely stored is to have everything organised prior to storage. This lets you establish what the most valuable items are and how to go about storing them. Not all storage items are as valuable as others, so it’s worth categorising everything first so you know what the priority items are.

This includes marking each box or container of valuables. Doing so means you always have a clear idea of what is most valuable and to handle it with care. The last thing you want to do is securely pack up some valuables only to forget about them and handle them roughly!

Pack Boxes Correctly

It’s common to want to get as much packed into a single container as possible, but this is often a recipe for disaster. Overstuffed boxes tend to burst open or crush boxes below them, while lifting them can also be a struggle.

At the same time, you want to ensure there is enough items in the boxes for secure stacking. Stacking half filled boxes can result in collapsing which could damage the valuable contents, so make sure you find the right balance between under and overpacking.

Valuables Go on Top

When packing into containers, always ensure the valuable items are stored at the top. This is because you want to remove valuables first and foremost, as well as preventing anything resting on top of it crushing it inside.

Wrap All Valuables Before Packing Away

Any valuables should be wrapped to ensure they are safe and secure in storage. Breakables such as china or glassware should be wrapped in bubble wrap or an old t-shirt, and you can take this approach for fragile electronics and other valuables.

Using an old sheet works well for covering appliances, preventing dust and other contaminants form potentially damaging them when in storage.

Use Similar Sized Containers

An often-overlooked issue with self-storage is stacking correctly. When using different size boxes, the containers are susceptible to collapsing and falling over, potentially damaging all the contents inside.

So, it’s important to store all your valuables in similar sized containers. This can be carboard boxes or plastic containers, just aim to keep everything a similar size for easier and safer storage in the unit.

Clean Them Before Storage

Clean everything before you store it! This ensures there is no chances of mould developing, which is often a problem during long-term storage. Mould can develop even in the cleanest of units if there are some impurities left on it during storage, so give appliances, furniture, and other valuables a good clean before storing.

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