Tuesday, March 9

How Better eCommerce Design of A Site Helps In Better Sales

There is a famous proverb, “Do not judge anything by outwardly appearance.” But in this age of marketing and glittery promotions, this age-old proverb does not seem to work. Trading in any services or products has become promotion oriented, and it helps to reach out to the target audience better. And to be honest, everyone loves to pick the thing that gives satisfaction. As an instance, when visiting two restaurants back to back on a single day, you are bound to prefer the one that has provided better ambience and reception. In this way, that particular restaurant successfully tops your preference list. Similar strategies are applicable if you are starting an e-commerce venture. Make sure that your website has a quirky interface accompanied with appealing visuals that will instantly grab the attention of the target audience. Give solid reasons to your customers to buy from your website instead of other reputed ones.

Ideas and Inspiration

So if you are thinking to take your website eCommerce design to the next level, then you can make some inspiration from some popular sites and their designs:

A chocolate manufacturing company would come up with delightful website design, just like its products. Each page of the website has parallax effect in it. As you click on any options or scroll through any pages, you will see chocolate bars floating around and it unwraps beautifully and floods into chocolate collared liquid.

If you browse through any cosmetics website, you will be able to see the way they showcase their products. The wide range of colourful and fashionable accessories is arranged in such a way that it never fails to attract the eyes of its target audience easily. Each of the products showcased is bundled by subtle animation. If you hover on the hair styling products, it will automatically start to move and show a mini animated demo of the functioning. In addition, a small voice over also instructs the usage pattern. This innovative feature inevitably catches the attention of the potential customer. Under cosmetics, if you wish to buy a lip colour, you get to test the product according to your skin tone scale which is available on the website.

While shopping from the plenty of Fashion and apparel stores, you would get a range of fashion shows and the trendiest fashion that is popular in the fashion industry. A bold eCommerce design is the one that catches the attention of users. Here the words are not of primary importance. The fashion and the unique designs of the store speak a lot about the store’s commitment and help to retain its top position in the fashion industry.  

Wrap it up

The owner of the website will have to engage in various skills that are required in maintaining the high quality of the website. These are some of the few ideas that will give you a clear picture of eCommerce design that you can choose for your company website. With the rising competition, the website should be worth visiting. In addition, try to make the designing such that you are able to convert each visitor into a potential customer. One thing you must keep in mind that your design should go with the products or your brand that you wish to promote. So, do not delay and start thinking about a unique design today.

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