Tuesday, March 9

The Best Tools For Accountants

If you’re an accountant looking for tax and practice management software, it can be frustrating wondering where to start, what you may need and how to find the right solution.

Finding software that provides the best tools for accountants need not be frustrating though – especially if you have some tips on what to look for.

Free Trial

First and foremost, don’t ever purchase any accountancy software that doesn’t have a free trial. What’s the point in committing a lot of expense on something you’re not sure will either work the way you need it to, or that you won’t feel comfortable using? How many people would buy a car without taking a test drive?


Any software has a ‘learning curve’ (and some are much steeper than others!) so look for a software package that incorporates guided training, ideally through webinars, videos and walkthroughs of all the main features.

Be wary of companies that offer paid training packages, as that’s usually a signifier of complicated systems or it’s additional cost that you may not have budgeted for. With an award-winning solution such as BTCSoftware you can be reassured you will be fully supported in learning and using their software.

Comprehensive set of tools

As an accountant, there’s a multitude of tools you’re likely to need in tax and practice management software. For example, you may need to ensure that any system covers :-

  • Self Assessment
  • Corporation Tax
  • Accounts production
  • Practice Management

It’s vital that you ensure that all aspects of accountancy work you provide are covered. The last thing you need is to have multiple software solutions, each only covering one aspect of your work. Otherwise, you’re facing increased stress, additional learning, and no doubt unnecessary financial cost.


Customer service and IT Support – two ‘necessary evils’ to some people these days – but sadly, you may need to use them at some stage with any software or service. So when considering accountancy practice management software, check that helpful and easily accessible customer service and IT support is available.

Low and fixed pricing

There are several business models when purchasing any software, so be wary of often-expensive concepts such as ladder pricing. You want your business to grow – but not your costs – so it’s essential that any accountancy software has a low and fixed pricing structure.

Simple yet powerful

The conundrum with some accountancy software is finding the right tax and practice management software that is simple and easy to use, whilst remaining powerful enough to cover all aspects of the business.

Look for a suite of programs, or one combined package that covers all needs (such as Self Assessment, Accounts Production, Corporation Tax etc.) in one place. Sadly, many accountants find themselves running several completely different systems, each only servicing one purpose or need.

Multiple software packages means multiple costs, multiple training and learning needs, and multiple help desk and support calls.

One software package, carefully selected and considered, ensures your accountancy practice will be effective, efficient and economic.

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