Thursday, February 25

The Best Uses Of Photo Booth Hire

Photo booths have become increasing popular in recent years. Perhaps it’s no coincidence considering the popularity of selfies, social media and digital photography?

If somehow you’re not aware of how much fun they are, here are some of the best uses of photo booth hire.

Private events

One of the best uses of photo booth hire such as those provided byPicture Blast is for private events and parties.


At weddings, the photo booth is often kept extremely busy during the function, and it’s not unknown for the queue to be even longer than the one at the bar!

Everyone wants to send their messages to their happy couple, or show how much fun they are having, or even just show off their fantastic wedding outfits.

Prom Nights

Prom Nights have become very popular for photo booth hire in recent years, as to many attendees it’s their first opportunity to dress up and look like the young adults that they are.

Who doesn’t want to remembered in their best prom outfits, such as their lovely dresses or snazzy suits? Who doesn’t want to be photographed with all their class mates and friends having a fun evening?

Leaving parties

Leaving parties can often be a little sad, but with photo booth hire everyone’s spirits are sure to be lifted.  As a chance to send a message to the departing friend or work colleague, you can rest assured a photo booth is a chance to send special memories to them.

School leavers balls are equally a fun venue for a photo booth. All the class can try to get in one shot, or groups of friends, or even individuals – the options are wide and varied. Everyone’s sure to have a fun evening!

Corporate events

One of the best uses of photo booth hire is actually corporate events, as they not only increase levity and fun but also provide an amazing memory of great events.

What’s more, photo booths are an ideal way to lift the perception that corporate events tend to be a little boring. They’re an ideal chance to show high spirits amongst workers, encouraging everyone to ‘let their hair’ down a little.

What better way to show your fun side to your work colleagues – one they may be surprised to see – but enjoy it all the same?

Photo booths are a terrific opportunity also for corporate events involving branding and marketing, such as product launches. What better way to engage an audience than by encouraging them to share on social media with your branding on the snaps?

Photo booths can be a great idea for :

  • trade shows
  • exhibitions
  • workshops
  • pop-up stands and shops

Conclusion: the best uses of photo booth hire are many and varied

Whether you’re looking to make your wedding day unique and memorable, lift spirits at a social event, or just increase awareness of your brand, a photo booth could be your ideal opportunity.

With uploads to social media, picture sharing services, props to go along with the event or even messaging opportunities, a photo booth is certainly worth considering.

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