Tuesday, March 2

Choosing An Event Photographer In London

When you’re hosting a corporate event, the day itself is only one part of the process. As well as ensuring that everything goes without a hitch on the big day, it’s also vital that you get plenty of high-quality photos of the event. After all, you’ll be able to use these photos time and again for marketing purposes, allowing you to recoup some of the cost of the event. They will also show potential customers and investors that you are a leading figure in your sector, and that you are a force to be reckoned with. All this means that a professional event photographer is a must- without one, you won’t be able to make the most of all the time and effort that goes into organizing a stellar corporate event.

But just how do you choose the ideal photographer? After all, there are thousands upon thousands of photographers working in a big city like London, so you’ll want to be sure that you’re making the right choice. If you choose someone simply because they are cheap, then it’s likely that you’ll get a sub-par service, and the photos themselves will probably be unusable. Instead, you need to carefully consider a number of different factors to ensure you book the perfect event photographer in London for your corporate event. That way, you can be sure of a stunning set of photos that will do your company and your events team proud.

First of all, you’ll want to be sure that the photography company is going to listen to you, and provide a service built around your unique needs. Every event is different, and there will naturally be certain things that you’d like the photographer to focus on. Whether you’re holding an awards ceremony to showcase top talent in your company, or an expo to present members of the public with your products and services, your chosen photographer will have to be right at the heart of the action, for the entirety of the event. For that reason, ensure you book a photographer with a client-centric approach, and who is willing to communicate with your events team to provide the best possible results.

Next, you should look at the quality of photos that the company has taken of previous events. Any photography company worth their salt will have a portfolio section somewhere on their site, so look closely at their past photos to check they are of a suitable quality. Remember that the resolution will probably be on the low side so that only the clients themselves have access to the full HD versions, but if the style and character of the photos looks like a good fit for your event, then that’s always a good sign.

Finally, the price. While we mentioned earlier that the average Joe Bloggs photographer probably won’t be able to do your event justice, that’s not to say that more expensive always means better. Ideally, you want a photography company who can offer you great results without pushing your event over budget. A company like The Photo Team, for instance, offer experience and expertise, while still keeping their prices affordable. What’s more, they also cover a wide range of events with multiple services, so you can be sure they’ve got what you need in an events photographer. That just goes to show that you can still hire a high-quality events photographer in London without breaking the bank.

So, there you have it- the three golden rules to look out for in an events photographer. They need to be open to communication with their clients, have a track record of success, and a pricing policy that fits within your budget. If you can find all those, then you’ve got the ideal partner for your next event- and we think The Photo Team are exactly that!

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