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Online Printing Startup Gogoprint Launches In Singapore

One of the most successful Southeast Asian startups to have been built in the last 10 years or so is now rapidly expanding throughout the region, establishing new bases of operations, new fulfillment centers, and new infrastructure all over this part of the world.

GogoPrint, a print on demand startup, has decided to set up its base of operations in Southeast Asia in Singapore, looking to take full advantage of all the incredible infrastructure and business advantages this region offers.

A big part of the new startup culture that has taken hold in Singapore and the Southeast Asian community in general, GogoPrint has been a smashing success ever since it first opened up for business just a few short years ago. November 2015 was the first “real” month of business for GogoPrint, and its meteoric rise to becoming the go to solution for online print on demand solutions in Southeast Asia has been unprecedented.

But what does this rapid expansion in Singapore mean for the community?

Better On-Demand Printing Solutions for Singapore Small Businesses

Right out of the gate, customers are going to be able to take advantage of much better and much improved on-demand printing solutions throughout Singapore and the surrounding region.

Casual users and consumers that want to be able to print high-quality projects in short run orders are going to be able to do so while capitalizing on advanced printing technology and capabilities that would have cost a small fortune in the past. This is going to help propel the self-publishing and print project industries further into the future thanks to this new base of operations in Singapore for sure.

On top of that, small businesses throughout Singapore are going to be able to have more consistent and more reliable on-demand printing solutions for their businesses and their organizations. This is going to be a huge boost for small businesses throughout the region, providing them with the same kind of printing solutions that use to only be available to companies much larger.

Serious Job Creation in the Singapore Market

On top of the obvious benefits that the print on demand services are going to provide the people and communities of Singapore, the job creation that GogoPrint is going to bring to the area is also projected to be quite significant.

Printing professionals, designers, artists, creatives, marketers and salespeople, as well as infrastructure and support personnel are going to need to be hired to operate the GogoPrint facilities – and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Jobs are going to be created at a pretty steady clip throughout Singapore because of this new strategic move by GogoPrint, and already strong Singapore economy is going to get even stronger.

Partnerships with the Startup Community Growing Already

At the end of the day, the success that this startup has enjoyed in Singapore definitely bodes well for the new but fast-growing startup community in Singapore today. The leadership that GogoPrint has already committed to giving back and helping the startup community as much as possible, and the success they enjoy is only going to serve to be a model for new startups to follow.

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