Tuesday, March 9

Five Things To Keep In Mind When Running A Business Online

If you’re planning on Startups an e-commerce business, or a website with an aspect of e-commerce,, there are a few important things to keep in mind. I started my own business a couple of years ago and the internet is vital to my success as I don’t have physical premises where people can come to look at my products. I design and make my own jewellery from home, so whether you have a small business like me, or have your heart set on a bigger one, keep these tips in mind…

Keep your website fresh

I like to keep the content on my website up to date – this means I rewrite text for a new season or special calendar event. Not only does it inspire my customers to look for gifts, but I also believe that it is helpful for my rankings in the search engines such as Google. If you have a seasonal business you could do the same, but if you don’t you should still make sure to update pages now and again, and also consider having a blog on your site.

Use images to great effect

Once my web pages have been rewritten, I’ll also make sure to include images of the pieces I am writing about. I tend to include a “front” and “back” shot, or one of the jewellery items on a model. Helping people to get a better understanding of a product or service can make all the difference in their decision to buy.

Have brilliant customer service

Don’t let your customer service skills slip just because your business is online. You should make it easy for customers to contact you by phone, email and web form, as well as responding to them in a timely fashion. I also use social media to have discussions with my customers, as well as dealing with any enquiries they may have.

Make sure deliveries are on time

E-commerce businesses will quickly understand how important it is to deliver products on time. I make use of logistics services to pick and pack my goods and then send them out as it allows me to be more hands on with the internet and customer service side. If there are poor weather conditions or a high demand of orders through a sale, make sure to highlight this clearly on your website so people are aware of any delays before they order with you.

Ask for reviews

Once customers have successfully received their items, I like to ask for feedback on the packaging and the product itself. This goes on the website so other customers can see what people have said in terms of quality and value. I find this really helpful for my own future jewellery creations as I find out what’s popular and which materials are the best lasting. If you aren’t able to do this on your website, direct people to a Google+ page where they can leave reviews.

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