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Taking HR Assistant Training Courses

Human resources (HR) department, which is found in most businesses, are the connection amid an organization and its staff. Human resources keep employee personal data and records, their profit, and payment information. The department makes sure that employees are motivated and have access to their employer. One of the team members found in the human resource department of most organizations is the HR assistant.

As the name implies, the HR assistant normally maintain the records kept within the human resources department. They help other members of the HR department with their tasks by gathering information and documents, answering phones, and filing. HR assistants also assist in hiring employees by contacting qualified candidates, setting up interviews and reading-through their references.

Course Description

This course from will aid participants to build up their proficiency and comprehension in HR. Thus enabling them to increase the quality, they contribute to their organization and as such promoting the overall value of the organization. HR Assistant Training Courses will cover the fundamentals in HR, ranging from the use of having an HR team in an organization, the role they actually play, and also, more comprehensive topics associated to HR, such as most effective working methods that increase efficiency, communication within the team, and handling or solving problems that can happen in the workplace.


The whole human resources team ranging from HR Assistants, HR Generalist and HR Administrators; anyone else who supports the HR function.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

Explain the legal aspects of record keeping and job relocation

Take part in the staffing, selection, and maintenance of employees.

Carry out exit interviews on behalf of the organization

Take part in routine management processes of the organization.

Understand different communication styles of the employees

Take part in the setting up, delivery, and assessment of employee orientation, training, and development programs.

Build up methods to improve communication with others based on their communication style

Communicate human resources information correctly and convincingly in written, oral, and graphic form.

Carry out both screening for applicant screenings and interviews

Carry out orientations for new employees

Contribute to the success of the organization through effective employee relationship.

Assist with the administration of organization’s total compensation plan.

Play an active role in health and safety of employees

Carry out routine analysis of human resources data

Apply current technologies to human resources practices/ management


The function and the scope of the HR function

What is the aim of HR and employees management?

Range of HR activities

The role of the HR assistant

Your role as an HR assistant and contribution to your team and organization

What are the HR information systems?

Legal issues involved in security and data protection

Data Presentation in HR

How to develop interpersonal communication skills

Assertiveness skills

How to prioritizing your time effectively (time management)

Identifying different approaches to recruitment and selection.

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