Saturday, February 27

The Future Markets For Design Jobs

There is no shortage of jokes about the job prospects for creative arts degrees at university. When you go to university and study design or studio art, people will often joke about the low-wage jobs you will have to work, as well as the “starving artist” trope. If you are looking only for a job in an art studio, then that might be the case. However, if you are looking for multiple ways through which to express your talents and utilise your skills, then you have many job opportunities. Businesses all over the world are looking for graphic designers and creative types to perform a multitude of jobs. These jobs require a creative eye. Also, many businesses often hire people with design or art degrees for jobs that do not necessarily require design or art skills.

In Your Area

If you are looking for jobs in your area, you can realise your arts dream via a design job in Malaysia. The economy of Malaysia is one of the most robust and vigorous in the region. It is expanding incredibly quickly, thus drawing even more business into the area. Expanding economies and booming private sectors tend to speed up exponentially. They tend to snowball; as one sector begins to grow, other sectors grow around it to feed, clothe, and house the workers. That creates new jobs for people to supply the builders of the houses and so on. The demand in Malaysia is actually outpacing the field of available candidates. That’s why Malaysian companies are looking for foreign artists to help them.

Foreign artists are sought because they have expertise and skills in the fields of art and design. They’re also desirable because they understand markets that Malaysian artists might not. As a Malaysian company expands to the United Kingdom, the United States, or other parts of the Western world, it will need to change its marketing strategy accordingly. If you have been living in the West for years, you will understand intimately the ways that successful companies market there. You will be able to create art and design ideas that appeal to a Western customer base. That’s merely one of the reasons foreign artists are so valuable.

Not in Your Field

There is also a push for businesses to add artists to jobs that are not in their field. Often, these are jobs that are skilled, even though they are not in art and design. Businesses do this because artists are creative, unconventional thinkers. In fact, it is sometimes considered a bonus if someone does not have a business degree. When an artist without a business degree sits in a meeting full of business professionals, the artist will likely have creative and uncommon ideas. That out of the box thinking could be exactly what a business needs to get an advantage over its competitors. That’s why artists are in high demand all over the world and especially in Malaysia.

If you have a desire to be a working artist either in your field or outside of it, you should consider working abroad. With the recent economic boom, there are very exciting jobs to be found in Malaysia.

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