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Know About Dosages And Its Side Effects

These days everyone is trying to follow the trend of being fit and healthy and staying slim .Almost everyone these days is following one or the other method o lose weight and become thin . There is a big trend among young girls to have that so called zero figure. To make themselves look slim, people are following everything and anything that can make them lose that extra pound from aerobics, to zumba to vegetarian diet to gymming and even medicines and surgery.

The people with normal or slightly overweight can maintain their optimum body weight or BMI by following a daily exercise routine and healthy eating habits but who are obese or have do not a very active healthy lifestyle , or the once who have gained weight due to some medical condition find it hard to lose weight by natural means .

The most popular way of getting slim by taking weight loss medicine. Just pop a pill everyday and you lose the weight. It’s so easy and simple, no crash dieting, no physical exercise, no sweat, no pain, only gain. Among so many weight loss pills the most popular weight loss pill is Phentermine .It is believed at most of these weight medicines are not clinically tested and hence there are no studies to prove their effectiveness and side effects that may arise from their use. There are a few medicines that are FDA approved and can be used in weight loss programs. Phentermine and Xenical are two medicines that are safe.

Phentermine is an FDA approved medicine that can be used in weight loss program .It helps in decreasing the appetite of the user. Phentermine is used under medical supervision and it is used within safe dosage to have maximum benefits.


Phentermine is very a very effective appetite suppressant and can be taken on medical prescription. The ideal dosage of the medicine can range from 18.75mg to 37.5 mg tablet once daily that has to administered orally after 2 hours of having the morning breakfast. The medicine can be taken in the form of pills or capsules. The capsules dosage range from 18.75 to 37.5mg once daily after 1-2 hours of having the breakfast. The doctor may advice the intake of a pill of 18.75-37.5mg half an hour before the breakfast on daily basis for a few months. Although the medicine is FDA approved and is effective in weight loss, it may cause some side effects in some people.

Side Effects:

The various side effects that can be caused by Phentermine are as follows:

The use of medicine Phentermine may cause swelling on legs, breathing problems, pain in chest and irritation. It may also cause tiredness and dirrorea and clumsiness. Symptoms likes nausea, dizziness, dry mouth etc can result from taking Phentermine. The use of this medicine might also lead to headaches, uneasiness and lack of taste among other things.

For effective and easy results the medicine should be combined with healthy eating habits and regular physical exercise.

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