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Choosing Good Laser Alignment Services

Laser alignment is a process that is used to make two or more rotating shafts co-linear or on the same straight line, horizontally and vertically alike. When it comes to laser alignment, the one common type you should know of is shaft alignment.

Shaft alignment is a process that is used to make two or more rotating shafts co-linear or on the same straight line. You can use it to make lines both vertically and horizontally. Shaft alignment is done by utilizing different methods and tools such as calipers, dial indicators, optics or laser systems.

If you are in the UK and looking for laser alignment services, you might want to consider laser alignment.

Services They Provide

Laser Alignment- N&A is known for providing five different types of alignment services. These are:

  • Shaft alignment: Shaft alignment is a common choice amongst people. It is used for power generation, marine, offshore, manufacturing, process and oil and gas companies. Their whole idea and purpose are to provide a decent service that can help you with all of the things mentioned above and trust me they work well.
  • Flatness alignment: Flatness alignment is a measure of the flatness or flat object with laser precision. The typical items that you can measure with flatness alignment are flanges, sewing, machine beds and machine foundations.
  • Bore alignment: Bore alignment is another type of service that is used for a range of purposes. Laser bore alignment is used for power generation, marine, offshore, process, oil and gas and manufacturing. The bore alignment service works to align diesel engine main bearing pockets, aligning the turbine for casing bores, positioning rudder posts.
  • Calibration certificates: Calibration certificates are calibrated by the OEM to allow misreading to be corrected by the use of specialized equipment. Moreover, lifetime warranties also need the equipment that is sent back for calibration for 2 years. The whole idea is that it is vital to calibrate your equipment after every two years and laser alignment calibration certificate can help you with just that.
  • Laser alignment training: Last but not the least, the company also provides laser alignment training. Laser alignment training involves flatness alignment and bore alignment alike. For people who use their equipment more often than not, it is recommended to go for laser alignment to get aided.

Laser Alignment N&A is a company that is working to provide laser alignment services. The company was founded back in 1952 by Nicol and Andrew. It is a one of a kind company that works to provide repairs on marine propulsion units.

Laser Alignment uses different types of equipment to improve your laser needs and facilitate ease for you. In a nutshell, for anyone who is looking for a reliable company to provide important laser alignment services, Laser Alignment is a name you cannot forget. Supported by a team of professionals, the company works to ensure that they provide any and every service that you might need as far as laser alignment is concerned.

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