Tuesday, March 9

Guide To Reducing Time To Hire And Recruitment Costs

The overall staff recruitment process is something that has to be carefully planned, in order for your business to save time and money. Sometimes CEOs and managers feel overwhelmed and believe that hiring staff for the business will help to reduce or eliminate the workload of their company, and thus reduce the stress. When it comes to managing time to hire and recruitment costs, note that there are so many costs that are associated with employees, however, so it would be very important that you first of all can be assured that the hiring will actually pay for itself by freeing you to generate more income. You should be focused on reducing time to hire and the recruitment costs as much as possible, since you don’t want to end up straining the business.

You have to realize that the longer an opening stays vacant, the less productive the business becomes, resulting in a substantial loss of profit, which is preventable by enhancing the recruitment process. Business owners need to realize that when over two full months pass between an employee leaving and bringing the right employee into the workforce, the company is going to lose a substantial amount of money, since its productivity is going to dwindle. If you are running your own company or you are the HR manager for some other company, you can avoid this kind of gap that comes in during the recruitment process and thus increasing the overall recruitment costs.

Recruitment software to the rescue

You can basically switch to a data-driven recruitment model, using a system such as Tazio, which makes identifying candidates with the right skills, personality, desired behaviors, and attitude more effective and efficient, thereby reducing the overall time to hire and also reducing recruitment costs. Using an applicant tracking system, which has been designed to maintain and monitor all of your recruiting and hiring needs, you can monitor the openings you have and cross reference it with applications you receive from applicants. When you have an individual looking over all of the different applications, it takes time and often not cost effective. Instead, the software is able to look over the applications and tag people who might fit the opening. Basically, you have a smart system, which finds keywords that match what you are looking for and sets resumes aside for you to look at, thus reducing the overall time needed.

Automating and streamlining the entire recruitment process is one of the crucial features of a typical recruitment software. This eliminates all manual paperwork and help reduce time and cost spent on the various recruitment processes by recruiters. The productivity tools provided by the software help recruiters reduce time spent on unnecessary tasks and enable them to focus more on achieving company goals. Reducing the time-to-hire becomes crucial so that the right applicants are not lost to competitors. Using a system such as Tazio, plays an important role in minimizing the time it takes to search, shortlist, interview and offer the job to the right candidates.

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