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3 Reasons Why It Makes Sense To Rent A Serviced Office As A Small Business

Serviced office spaces are purpose made or even purpose built spaces which provide business owners with flexible and fully maintained office spaces along with all the facilities and services required for an office to run smoothly. To learn more how serviced offices operate and about the range of services provided, we teamed up with The Storage Works who offer office space in Blackburn.

Meanwhile, here are just three of the top reasons why it makes sense to rent a serviced office as a small business.

  • Flexibility and Room to Grow

By far one of the most alluring realities afforded small business owners who choose to make use of serviced office premises is the flexibility doing so provides.

Because serviced office spaces are either provided via short term leases or even offered on a ‘pay as you use’ basis, businesses which make use of serviced office spaces can negotiate, scale up or scale down the space they use and rent as and when they might need to. Not only does this reality stand to save small businesses a fortune in rent and / or the cost of leasing a premises, it most importantly enable businesses to grow and expand without wasting, time, money or effort moving offices along the way. In turn, the upheaval a business avoids further prevents a business and its staff from the instability and inconvenience of having to relocate once, or even numerous times.

Finally, because serviced offices (for this reason) are proving such a popular option they are in 2016 provided across the UK, making them a viable and financially savvy choice for business owners, regardless of how small they start out or how quickly they grow.

  • Convenience

Convenience is definitely one of the most major ‘pros’ of the serviced office model. Providing ‘pay as you use’ space means that the serviced office is ideal for small business owners as occupying a serviced office requires making no capital investment, enabling small business owners to free up and use their money to further and better their business. And this is not the only convenience serviced offices provide.

With BSRIA research (which you can read the results of in full via the BSRIA website) finding that the average maintenance cost in a traditional office space is on the rise and now has now exceeded £14 per square meter of space, renting or leasing traditional office space is becoming more and more expensive. In contrast, those who opt to make use of serviced offices can expect their maintenance costs to be considerably lower and included in the price of their monthly rent. Hence, small business owners deterred from exploring the option of serviced office space due to thinking it could cost them more, might well be surprised to learn that convenience does not always come at a price.

The real convenience and part and parcel of the serviced office space though is that it is serviced and maintained for you. Hence, further to providing staff with high quality facilities, serviced offices are ready to use from the get go saving you time and money and enabling staff to settle in instantly and get to work.

  • Security

Finally, one aspect of serviced offices which is lesser discussed often, but also often high on a small business owner’s priority list when looking for office space is security. When purchasing or renting a traditional office space, this is especially true as business owners are consequently responsible for devising, implementing and affording to secure a premise and insure it. The irony is that small business owners often cannot afford to adequately secure premises and yet it is a small business which needs to do exactly that as neither can they afford to pay the price of not doing.

Then, small business owners who make use of serviced offices avoid not only the cost, time and effort of having to devise, implement, maintain and afford security systems, they do so whilst benefitting from enjoying a high level of security; as part of the services and facilities provided by serviced offices, security is as well catered for. Hence, small business owners can get on with growing their business without the growing worry of being robbed, broken into or having their office otherwise attacked by vandals, squatters and criminals.

Further, because most serviced offices are rented per unit they almost always occupy multi-occupancy buildings. Whilst providing, as standard, security measures (such as alarm systems and sometimes CCTV and even security guards), the simple fact that buildings are co-inhabited by several businesses deters criminals and reduces the chances of your business or equipment being robbed.

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