Saturday, February 27

6 Qualities Of A Great Leader

In today’s fast paced society everyone who is anyone wants to get ahead, but there are only a select few who have the skills to successfully take the lead. Leaders are a special breed of people who know how and when to make progress without trampling on their team, and they understand when to develop and when to delegate. Whether you are a one man band looking to expand your business or a manager of an established department, read on to find out if you have what it takes to be a truly great leader.

  1. Good communicator

It goes without saying that communication is key to being a great leader. Managers and team leaders who clearly communicate their plans whilst making themselves available to their team members will excel in leading a strong united team. Good communication and a clear brief from a great leader will instil confidence in your team and encourage them to strive forward in excellence.

  1. Good listener

Staying ahead of the game in your industry requires an acute awareness of what is going on in the workplace and the marketplace. A good leader is a good listener and will ensure that they make time to get to know their team and fully understand their needs. Knowing what is happening on the shop floor enables managers and leaders to better serve their customers whilst boosting morale within their teams.

  1. Be adaptable

As a leader, others are looking to you to know how to handle a changing situation and will follow your lead, therefore it is vital that your first reactions are the right ones. Being adaptable as a leader means that you are able to think on your feet and adapt to new circumstances or situations easily. A manager who is unfazed by a stock issue or technical malfunction and quickly provides new solutions will encourage his/her team to remain calm and deal with the unexpected sans drama.

  1. Master delegation

Leaders are usually promoted to such a level after having proved their worth in the workplace through outstanding effort and delivery. As a result it can be hard to let go of the reins and hand over huge projects or new contracts to employees, however delegation is a vital part of great leadership. Leaders cannot be all things to all people, and furthermore their team will never learn to grow and develop without being given the chance to run with projects, so ensure you master the art of delegation for your employees sake and for your own sanity.

  1. Show commitment

Great leaders are prepared to do what they ask of their employees, so if you want to earn the respect of your team you need to put in the hours and put in the ground work first. As a leader people are watching your every move, therefore commitment to your strategies, your ethos and your team is essential in order to build a successful, hardworking business.

  1. Dare to develop

Never underestimate the importance of development. A great leadership quality is the ability to identify strengths within your team and create opportunities to develop them further. By investing time and training in both you and your employees, you will grow a strong, well rounded team who have high morale and increased productivity to boot.

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