Monday, March 1

Four Of The Best Robotics Conventions

Robotics is a field that is continually developing with new techniques and advances being made and discovered regularly. As a result there are many robotics and automation conferences held around the globe, four of the best ones to visit are listed below.


The flagship conference of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, the ICRA conference is a renowned forum for robotics  professionals to showcase their latest projects and discoveries. The conference has various events and activities designed to promote the robotics and automation industry and help those involved to progress with their careers and projects.

Events and workshops at ICRA include; social media workshops, Ph. D forums, career fairs, exhibitions, demos and information sessions and even screenings of various films and documentaries that are relevant to the industry. There are also ‘robot challenges’ that take place which encourage teams to build robots that will perform set tasks, for example, the 2015 ICRA conference had challenges such as; the Amazon Picking Challenge, Humanoids Application Challenge and the Humanitarian Robotics and Automation Technology Challenge.

IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems

The IROS is a conference held to discuss and discover the latest advancements in intelligent robots and systems. The IROS conference includes talks given by keynote speakers within the industry covering a range of topics such as; semantics for robotic systems, standardised experiments in human-robot interactions and real time cognitive computing for service robots.

Attendees at the conference are also invited to bring along their own robots at the ‘Open Playground’. This is an opportunity for researchers and developers to showcase their latest project and collaborate with other industry professionals whilst at the conference.

In addition there are lunches and talks aimed at specific groups within the robotics and automation industries such as women working within the discipline and also young professionals.

Automation and Robotics Expo

Held in Pune, India- the Automation and Robotics Expo showcases the latest advancements of Robotics and Automation technologies in the context of Indian manufacturing and business industries. The exhibition is designed to show how India can compete in the current climate of globalisation, taking into account current economic conditions which dictate a necessity for maximum efficiency and productivity within the manufacturing industries.

The Automation and Robotics Expo includes; a technical conference, an awards ceremony, a workshop, a manufacturing summit and an investor summit, along with an exhibition.


The International Conference on Informatics in Control , Automation and Robotics, is a gathering of researchers, engineers,  and practitioners who are interested in the application of infomatics to control, automation and robotics. There are four main focus areas that the conference will look at which are; Intelligent Control Systems, Optimisation Robotics, Automation, Signal Processing, Sensors, Systems Modelling and Control, and Industrial Engineering, Production and Management.

There are various keynote speakers delivering seminars at the events, along with workshops, tutorials, demonstrations, panels and other satellite events.

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