Saturday, February 27

Tips for those Planning a Self-Build

Anyone planning on undertaking a self-build will benefit in many great ways, not only getting a great deal of satisfaction out of the process, but also ensuring that the property they end up with is as suitable for their needs as possible. Furthermore, by undertaking a build oneself, the property you end up with is likely to be worth far more than you paid for it. So long as you go about it in the right way.

Without focus, knowledge, and the right quantity surveying consultants, budgets can quickly escalate and the cheap, fun and simple process of a self build can become expensive and full of setbacks and frustrations.

Therefore, it is important to be realistic about what you can afford and what you can achieve. Don’t just assume you will be able to do it all without help either, and make sure you factor in the right number of contractors and the right construction consultancy to help you see the project out.

You may also find that the process is far easier if you choose a pre-levelled site with good drainage. Furthermore, whilst exotic designs may seem like the best way to make your house stand out, most homes are box shaped for a reason, and you may open up a whole world of potential problems by being too ambitious.

Finally, utilising natural light and insulation will be vital. The more light you get into your property through the right design, the warmer and lighter it will be, the better it will look and the less it will cost to power. Insulation will also simply be far easier to install as you build than it will once your property is built.

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