Saturday, February 27

The Right Clothes Work

When it comes to completing heavy work, whether with powered tools, air tools or manual tools, things can get decidedly messy. More importantly than this though, they can also become unpleasant and dangerous. This makes having the right workwear important.

Breathe easy

With practically every manual task, dust and dirt is the result. Whilst in moderate amounts, this will not cause too many issues, consistent exposure or exposure over long periods of time is a different matter. That is why it is only sensible to wear dust masks and goggles, even if on face value they seem needless. After all, the face really does have value.

That’s handy

Looking after the hands with adequate gloves is also important, to help prevent cuts and scrapes from splinters and other flying debris. They also serve to help give a better grip on tools, equipment and materials, particularly in wet conditions, which in itself increases the safety levels on any work site.

Easy listening

As much as it is important to protect the body from direct damage, indirect risks are also clearly evident when working with many tools. This is certainly the case with those emitting loud noises, whether intermittently or over extend periods of time, making the wearing of ear defenders an essential for many tasks.

No matter what job is being completed, having the right workwear really can make all the difference. It is not just a question of safety either though, as the right clothes also ensures other clothing is not damaged or unduly dirtied, which in itself is worth a great deal too.

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