Saturday, February 27

Getting Your Oak Flooring Right

Look around you and you’ll probably see various wooden furnishings, you might even see a wooden floor. It is likely that many of these wooden features use oak. There are lots of reasons to choose oak in the home, not least because of its extreme durability and beautiful aesthetic.

If you’ve decided to install an oak floor in your home, you’ll be faced with various options:

Solid Wood

Solid wood oak floors are the best quality. They are extremely durable and carry the aesthetic beauty that you’d expect from a hardwood like oak. An unfinished oak floor might look very rustic complete with knots and grains.


Vinyl “wood” floors imitate the quality aesthetic of oak but without using oak throughout. Because of this they lack some of the quality of a real oak floor, but there are some benefits, for instance vinyl floors are very cost effective and easy to install.

Laminate Floors

Laminate floors offer similar benefits to vinyl floors whilst arguably being closer to the aesthetic of real oak. They are easy to install and do a good job at imitating the real deal. They are often chosen in family homes, and can be used throughout different rooms being very versatile.

If you want the whole benefit of oak flooring then a solid oak floor is your best bet. It might be more expensive and difficult to install but it carries a beautiful aesthetic and is built to last. You can find all sorts of flooring and paving, from oak floors to Indian sandstone paving, online.

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