Tuesday, March 9

How your T-shirt Could Make You More Confident

Despite the fact that T-shirts are generally considered a casual-wear garment, they are still an important part of most people’s wardrobe. You can look great wearing a T-shirt and can present yourself with confidence if you take time to find a style which perks up your personality. With T-shirts being comparatively more affordable than the formal-wear shirts, a little effort with this garment can make you look confident as well as stylish.

Wear colors and styles that suit you: Given the fact that T-shirts are available in a wide range or colors and styles, you should wear T-shirts which complement your overall looks. Though the young can experiment with bright and eye-catching colors, outlandish patterns, and weird styles, adults should largely refrain from wearing T-shirts which scream for attention, either in terms of color or style.

If you are one of those people who like to remain on a low profile, look for colors which give you the subdued look, but without bringing down your confidence level. On the other hand, if you are an extrovert or an outgoing person, you can try out brighter colors, but remember to draw a line between confidence of carrying a well-suited T-shirt and over-confidence of experimenting with just about any T-shirt. Same is the case with T-shirt styles while collared T-shirts can mostly boost your confidence level because they are kind-of semi-formal, round-neck and other similar style can sometimes give you a ‘too casual’ appearance.

Buy T-shirts according to your body structure: The confidence with which you carry a T-shirt is further heightened if you buy T-shirts which go with your body structure. Long T-shirts on a short-stature person can make him/her look even shorter; just as a ‘baggy’ T-shirt would make a stout person look broader. Similarly, short T-shirts on a tall person are ill-suited; as are big prints and vibrant colors on the fat.

As such, even if you buy T-shirts of the best brands, your confidence level can take a dip if the T-shirt draws attention to some, so to say, typical aspects of your body structure rather than accentuating your all-round look.

Customize T-shirts for more confidence: The ‘mass produced’ T-shirts which you find in the stores are made in bulk, without taking any special care to the particular needs of the wearer. So, if you feel that you can look more confident in a T-shirt that is perfectly-suited to your style of dressing and your body structure, you can customize your T-shirts. For that, you need to have an eye for the current trends and designer instincts to hit upon the perfect T-shirt style for yourself.

Though customizing T-shirts is slightly more difficult than customizing shirts, efforts in this direction can allow you to use the colours and cuts which suit you, and also experiment with fabric paints of your choice, if you so desire. In fact, you can also customize the T-shirts available in the market by making some necessary alterations to spruce them up. Once you have T-shirts which look perfect on you, go ahead and flaunt them with confidence whenever the need be!

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