Monday, March 1

Meeting People is Easy

There are supposed to be two extremes of people, introverts and extraverts. Introverts prefer to be alone, and meeting people can tire them out, whereas extraverts thrive in social situations, and get their energy from other people.

It’s probably fair to say that most people are part introvert and part extravert. Sometimes being alone, especially after a hard day at work in the city, is bliss, but often there’s a craving for social interaction, and reaching out to other people.

Lots of people of course are definitely towards the more introverted end of the spectrum. They can get on with people when necessary, but find reaching out to others an uncomfortable experience, especially new people.

Reaching out to others is a route to happiness. This is how new friendships are formed, and romances started. Unfortunately, it’s the people we admire most that it’s often hardest to talk to!

There are simple, relaxed ways to meet friends. Start going to parties, or better yet host one. If you’re hosting a social gathering you’ll be at the centre of everyone’s attention, and are bound to make friends.

Don’t wait for someone to talk to you, and go up to people. Small talk is your friend, ask people about their day, “what do you do,” it all works. Small talk can be embarrassing for some, but it undoubtedly leads to a more interesting, heartfelt conversation.

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