Tuesday, March 9

The Competitive Advantage with Confidential Paper Shredding

There are various reasons to shred confidential or secure documents. It’s an important safeguard for private information, bank details and personal details. It’s also positive for the environment, and a viable way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Besides these key reasons, another important benefit with confidential paper shredding is the competitive advantage. In other words, shredding important documents is a key way that businesses stay ahead of their competitors, and protect their business from corporate espionage.

What is corporate espionage? This is nefarious activity waged by one business against another. It’s essentially spying but in the corporate context. Businesses may try to gather private or confidential data with a view to undermining or out-competing their competitors.

In order to protect yourself from corporate espionage it’s pivotal that your business take precautions. One of the best things that you can do is to eradicate your paper documents, so that even as waste they can’t fall into someone else’s hands. This is known as secure data destruction.

Data destruction can be a very competitive asset in other ways too. What happens to your supplier lists? This is key information, and could be valuable to your competitors for all sorts of reasons. With this in mind, affordable destruction of supplier lists is simply good business sense.

Data destruction can be performed either on site or off site depending on your need. Whether you’re simply clearing waste or protecting yourself from corporate espionage, paper shredding can give you the competitive advantage.

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