Tuesday, March 2

Effective Email Marketing in Three Dimensions

When people think of internet marketing they commonly think of SEO, Search Engine optimisation. SEO is about using various methodologies to bolster your website’s presence in a search engine. There is another side to the coin, however, email marketing.

In fact, marketing via email is hugely underestimated by many companies, and it can be just as effective as SEO. Here are some tips for doing it better:

Be analytical and test. Split testing is where you send out two versions of a marketing e-mail and note which one is the most effective. You continue to make changes, pitting the evolved versions of the emails against each-other until you’re left with a perfect, or close to perfect, marketing e-mail. It sounds tricky, but you can get an email marketing company to help you with this.

Think about personalisation. The problem with email marketing, and digital marketing in general, is that it can often seem impersonal. The last thing you want is for your audience to relegate you to the spam folder. One way to legitimise your intent is to be more personal, use Hi [subscriber_name]instead of a generic “Hi.”

Finally, think about when you send out e-mails. Do you offer a monthly newsletter, do you have an important announcement to make? Some research suggests that Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days to fire off e-mails, but this might vary depending on your industry. The moral of the story: think very carefully not only about what you send, but also how and when you send it.

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