Monday, March 8

Enjoy Italian History With Luxury Tuscan Villas

Looking for a wonderful summer retreat? Want to sample some fine historical culture and enjoy a lush, rolling landscape? Feel like sampling some delicious local cuisine? It may seem like this is asking a lot from one particular place, but Tuscany offers them all. If you are after a get away with a rustic, rural twist and plenty of architecture and ancient artefacts to keep you fascinated, then take advantage of some of the holiday villas in Italy.

A World Of Its Own

Tuscany is a city that thrives on its history. But thanks to a shift of focus in its past, Tuscany has preserved its traditional roots.
As shipping ports migrated and different countries rose in power, Tuscany was caught in the middle of the action. While previously a crucial town, commanding plenty of influence, when the work and money moved away from Tuscany the area found itself frozen in time.
This may have been hard for the people at the time, but for visitors today the city represents an intriguing time capsule with all of its best bits beautifully preserved.

The rolling fields and pastures of Tuscany have inspired some of the greatest Renaissance artists, making them an ideal location for a break. With a low population density you can really get away from it all, so why not indulge in this splendid location and spend your time in one of the many affordable luxury Tuscan villas that are on offer?

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