Saturday, February 27

Why a Woodburner? In Four Points

Lots of homeowners are turning to woodburning stoves, becoming bedazzled by their magic. The appeal of woodburners is much more than magic of course, and there are lots of logical reasons to choose a wood burning stove, as opposed to an open fire or storage heaters, for example.


A woodburner is extremely functional and efficient. It’s reckoned that a woodburner will run at around 80% efficiency. Other forms of heating are not as efficient, with an open fire heat is lost up the chimney, and wall mounted heaters might take a while to heat a room losing some of their heat out of the window.

Visual Appeal

Wood burning stoves look really stunning Going Here. They are reminiscent of the past, and so look great in cottages, but they can also work in modern properties too. As they are environmentally friendly, relatively speaking, they appeal to the modern sensitivity to environmental concerns.


Their benefits for the environment are what really set woodburners apart. Not only are they very efficient, but they burn wood, a renewable resource, and modern stoves can be used in smoke free regions.

The Thrill of Fire

Fire is thrilling, and there is a little as magical as looking through the wide stove window at some real fire. But this fire doesn’t just look magic, it very effectively heats your home. You can look online for multi fuel stove spares and wood burner spares.

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