Monday, March 8

What are Designer Engagement Rings?

No one diamond is the same. You could say that diamonds are all as unique as children. However, there is some uniformity in the industry, certain cuts like the princess cut are very popular, especially for weddings.

We all know that rules are there to be broken. So, rather than buying one of a generic type of ring, you might consider designer engagement rings, but what do we mean by designer rings?

A designer ring is essentially a ring that has been designed usually by a professional jewellery designer, but sometimes by the customer. They are usually designed to be one off pieces, bespoke jewelry in other words sertraline tablets.

The uniqueness of these pieces is enough to make them valued for weddings or engagements. Every bride or groom to be wants their wedding or engagement to be one of a kind, and incorporating very unique pieces of jewellery is one great way to achieve this.

As well as uniqueness, designer diamond rings have other qualities too. Great design is obviously one of them. There is an infinity of ways to design a ring, a plethora of cuts and a pantheon of settings. Designers combine these in myriad ways often to create emphatic beautiful designs.

For example, a designer might include classic elements like a princess cut diamond, and combine them with an idiosyncratic band, perhaps introducing a multi stone element. Basically, any design is possible, and that’s the beauty of individually crafted, designer engagement rings.

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