Tuesday, March 2

Is it Time to Replace an Old Boiler?

A boiler is a very important thing. It’s responsible for heating water and heating the home. Many homeowners only notice their boiler, however, when it breaks down. This isn’t necessarily the best course of action, a boiler maintenance professional will do all they can to repair your old boiler but sometimes per-emotive action is preferable.

Boiler technology is evolving all the time. Relatively speaking, boilers are designed to be in-situ for many years. So, the chances are your current boiler will not be the latest model, and so will suffer inferior efficiency.

Efficiency is the key here. A new boiler can cost around £2000, but it will recoup the investment over time because it is more efficient. Essentially, a modern boiler will consume considerably less fuel, saving money off two thirds of your energy bill (fuel consumption will represent about two thirds of your home’s expenditure on energy.)

A new boiler could save you as much as £300 per year off your energy bill, so you won’t recoup the investment outright, but certainly over time you’ll save money. Of course if your current boiler breaks down it’s repair will probably be costly, and so older boilers can cost in many different ways. Also, your old boiler is likely to be larger than a modern boiler (which are wall mounted) and so installing a new boiler will save space too.

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