Tuesday, March 9

Shelving Can Be Fun

Not everyone has a love of shelving; however, lots of people do. Librarians tend to love shelving books, for obvious reasons, and you could say a love of shelving is a key requirement for the job. But what is it about shelving that is so appealing, and why is the quality of the shelves so important?


There can be something very therapeutic about shelving books. Libraries are usually very tranquil places, little oasis of calm in an otherwise busy world. You can take your time shelving, and it can be something very leisurely, although it appeals to a certain kind of methodical individual.

The Sense of Order

It’s so therapeutic because it creates a sense of order. You might think you have to have a touch of OCD (or CDO listed alphabetically, as it should be!) but this isn’t really the case. Shelving books in a correct order is a way to create order in the world, albeit in a very small way, and as such it can be very fulfilling.

Quality Library Shelves

Good shelving isn’t just about having the passion for it (yes some people really do.) But it’s also about the quality of the shelves too. There are lots of options out there for shelves for libraries, for instance you can get easy to install shelves in a variety of depths, widths and heights, so easily adaptable depending on your particular need, the size of your library etc.

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