Saturday, February 27

Taking a Party Outside

We hate to admit it, but the Great British summer can be decidedly rubbish. However, it’s easy to forget the unpredictability of the British weather when the sun is out. If anything the British sunshine is exactly more precious because it’s very elusive. It’s important, therefore, to make the most of the good weather when it’s there.

One of the best ways to do this is with an outside party, or garden party. In the UK, despite the weather, we are experts at outdoors parties, whether they be garden parties or street parties. One of the reasons why we’re so good at garden parties is that we like dressing up.

What does dressing up have to do with parties?

Well the best parties are often those that appeal to the imagination. One of the best days to appeal to the imagination is with props and fancy dress. The jubilee was a prime example of where a theme can make a party. There, of course, the theme was set for you.

A theme could be something deeply personal, or could be more general. Patriotism is fine, but probably best left for certain special occasions. Instead, why not take your cues from film and stage, and look online for themed party hire, to furnish your party with lots of authentic props.

A theme should never get in the way of fun, and should be a construct on which a great party is built, rather than the other way around!

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