Monday, March 8

Van Leasing Offers all the Benefits of Ownership

Many people think that ownership of their vans is much more desirable than simply leasing a van. They believe that owning your assets is the only way to go about things but, those people really should reconsider their position as there are many benefits to van leasing which should not be dismissed.


When buying a new van, your finances are likely to be your main concern and there is no denying that van leasing offers more benefits to your finances than buying a vehicle. For example, van leasing does not require hefty deposits and repayments can be made over as many as 60 months.

If you are VAT registered, you are able to claim the VAT on van leasing payments back quarterly and rental vans are 100% allowable against tax profits.

Not only this but you can also protect yourself against vehicle depreciation by renting, making it a much more economical choice. When you buy a van it will immediately begin to depreciate in value and you will lose money rapidly. This is not a problem for those who chose van leasing.

Finally, van leasing will allow you to choose a much more upmarket vehicle for the cost of your repayments

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