Tuesday, March 9

How to Build a Fireworks Display

Whether you fireworks for a Fourth of July party or any other summer celebration, you will need to know how to set up a display for setting them off. Fireworks are much more fun and impressive if they are set off properly in a coordinated display rather than one by one on their own. Here are some tips for buying a fireworks display:

  • When you buy fireworks, make sure that you have a wide range of different kinds to make the display carried and interesting, such as rockets, fountains, aerials and more.
  • Find the right location for your fireworks display. It should be in an open area, away from overhanging trees, buildings, power lines and anything else which could catch on fire.
  • Set up the display far away from your audience so that they are not in danger and they can see easier.
  • Lay down a large piece of plywood to protect the grass from burns as well as keep the fireworks sturdy.
  • Firecrackers and roman candles don’t give the best visual effect, so you can use them first to build the mood and build up to the more flashy fireworks.
  • Save your biggest and most impressive firework for the grand finale as it will be what everyone remembers.

There are just a few tips to remember when you buy fireworks and set up a display for your friends and family.

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