Tuesday, March 2

A Fountain of Fireworks

When you buy fireworks from ACME fireworks, you just know you are going to get something great.  Whether you are looking for smoke bombs, novelty fireworks, spinners, sparklers or fountains, the show is guaranteed to be a gorgeous one.  Let’s have a look at some of the amazing fountains that you can buy.  After all, fountains truly are the most beautiful of fireworks.

The Happiness Fountain

Face it; you buy fireworks from ACME fireworks because they make you feel happy.  Happiness fountains build on that.  They are a classic model and are seen in fireworks displays across the world.  This doesn’t make them boring, this makes them a success.  They are small, they don’t cost the earth, but they give you all the colour and crackle you can expect from an amazing fountain.  Clearly, this is one that everybody should have.

Bigger than Life

Bigger than Life is the ultimate fountain firework.  When you buy ACME fireworks, you won’t be able to miss this one.  It goes higher than any other, easily reaching 30 feet.  It has a fantastic performing, including a beautiful golden pine flower that starts with a blue star and ends in a crackling butterfly flower.  It also has a white spider flower, this one equipped with a green star.  Next, there is the white fur flower with an all American red and blue star.  Then, you will see a silver crackling flower with a stunning red star and for the finale, a crackling silver chrysanthemum with a green star.

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