Monday, March 1

Some Do’s and Dont’s of Packing for Removals

When planning to shifting your residence to a new location for personal purposes or official purposes, a little bit of carelessness can put you in unexpected extra expenses from your prefixed budget. Approaching a

removal company at the last minute of removals is not a good idea, as either they will be already fully booked on the same date or they may charge you extra for the services they provide.

To ensure that you get cheap removals it is better to find a good company from the different removals companies in your locality and book in advance for the service. This will help the company also to give the schedule to their staff as well as the vehicles that need to be used for the transportation.

It is better to pack books, clothing and such other items on your own while you can depend on the UK removals for the packing of your valuables and other fragile items like television, washing machine and refrigerator. This is because most of the companies will not give insurance for owner packed goods. Each item needs to be packed and hence it is better to take only what you want. Sort out the things which you need to shift from those which you don’t want to take with you. This will help to reduce the cost of shifting.
Huge furniture like beds, wardrobes, wall cabinets etc cannot be taken out of the house in one piece.

They need to be unscrewed and disassembled to make the shifting easier. If you have time, disassemble them and keep it ready, so that the removal company can save time on that. Keep a note of the important documents like, certificates, passports, driving license etc. as it should be separately kept in files or purses so that they will not be misplaced. Any items such as medicines or snacks which you will need during the day needs to be kept aside so that it shall not be mixed up with other items.

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